miércoles, 14 de julio de 2010

Sex industry is a reality in the Dominican Republic

It is confirmed that the Sex Industry is a reality in the Dominican Republic, and it's controlled by foreigners, specially by Europeans that have found out how easy is to handle this kind of business here with the support of the authorities.
Places like Boca Chica, Sozua, Puerto Plata, Samana, and of course Santo Domingo, have been choosen for these people to operate their business.
Every certain time the dominican authorities that have to do with the rules and regulations of bars, and dancing girls clubs, go to that kind of places to inspect them and make sure that they are not violating the rules, of course they always do, threre's no way to make money like this without going against the law. For example hiring girls under age to work in bars, selling sexual services to anyone who pays, specially to old men that have realized that if they have money, they will always be able to conquer fresh young girls.

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