domingo, 18 de julio de 2010

Drudlord Joè Figueroa Agosto, Known as Pablo Escobar of the Caribbean, nabbed in Puerto Rico

A fugitive drug kingpin was finally captured in Puerto Rico Saturday after a decade-long pursuit.
Jose Figueroa Agosto - dubbed the Pablo Escobar of the Caribbean - was driving through a working-class neighborhood in San Juan wearing a wig when he was nabbed.
He tried to abandon his car and run - a ploy he used in September to give cops the slip - but authorities caught him.
"We asked him his name, and he simply answered that we knew who he was," said Antonio Torres, head of the U.S. Marshal Service's fugitive task force in Puerto Rico.
Agosto, 45, is wanted on kidnapping, money laundering, drug trafficking and murder charges.
He escaped jail in 1999 and narrowly avoided recapture several times, publicly taunting authorities that he paid off cops to remain free.

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